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Phone +34 926 531 113 - Phone customer service from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

External aluminium box shutter with High Density louvres (without building work)

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The difference to the standard aluminium roller shutter box is the Thermal Aluminium slat of HIGH DENSITY, which gives us greater rigidity in the slat, as well as providing double the thermal and acoustic conditioning. The installation is carried out without building work and without masonry placed outside our window.

  • Square Aluminium Box in 13.7, 16.5 and 18cms.
  • Thermal Aluminium Slats with High Density Polyurethane 180 (Kg/m³).
  • Side Guides H-25.
  • Installation on doors and windows.
  • Micro-ventilation system.
  • Extensive range of colours in stock.
  • Isolation thermal and acoustic.
  • Quick and easy to install without work.
  • Made to measure: Max height 280 cm x 260 cm max width.
Configure your exterior roller shutter to MEASURE
Measuring correctly is essential to ensure that your product is properly configured. That's why we have measuring guides for all our products, as well as technical specifications for each of them
1. Enter your measurements here
min: 20cm, max: 280cm
min: 20cms, max: 270cms

How to enter measurements

They should always be put in centimetres and when we need millimetres we will put a comma or full stop.

Example: 110,5 = 110 centimetres and 5 millimetres

White (+...)
Silver (+...)
Inox (+...)
Ral Grey - 7011 (+...)
Ral Grey - 7016 (+...)
Embero Golden Oak (+...)
Walnut (+...)

Roller blind winding position

We have 3 ways to install our exterior aluminium box in order to adapt to the available space.

1º- EXTERNAL winding

The drawer is outwards and the slat is as close as possible to our window, the guides should be screwed to the sides and a hole should be drilled to pass the tape into the room.

(the exit of the tape in the drawer is lateral as the drill has to be made in this way so as not to go through the aluminium or pvc of the window).

2nd - INSIDE winding

In this case the box is between the shutter and the window and the slat is flush with the façade.

This type of winding allows you to pass the tape by drilling a hole towards the inside of the house or select on the website that the tape comes out from under the drawer by screwing the catcher to one of the sides, you have to open the window to operate the blind but we avoid drilling a hole towards the inside.

3º - Winding up SOLAPADO

When we have no side panels to screw our roller shutter to, or even if we do have them, we want to install the box frontally on the outside of the façade.

For this type of roll-up we have to add to the width of the opening 11 cms of the runners and to the height of the drawer, depending on the height, it will be 13,7 - 16,5 y 18.


Anti-slip slat stitching

System highly recommended This prevents the slats from sliding to the sides due to wind or the operation of the blind itself.

This system does not require any discount on the width of the blind to be ordered.

not included
YES INCLUDED (+14,95€)
If you select a motor, it will be delivered already installed in the box.

Type of drive

You can choose between several drive types:

1 - Tape or cord folding picker

The classic swivel folding dustpan which can be attached with a ribbon or cord.

2 - Motor for push button or radio

We have two types of motors, one valid for push button and the other via radio with remote control.

The motors are delivered already installed in the roller shutter and adjusted.

3 - Spring and lock

By installing a spring inside the shutter shaft, we can lower the shutter manually and retract it automatically.

To make sure that it is completely closed, we install a lock on the lower aluminium end, which can be opened with a key.

4 - Prepared for MOTOR (customer)

This drive is designed for when the customer already has a motor that he wants to install in this roller shutter, the box is prepared with a 60mm shaft and cap.

The exit will be left or right always seen from inside the house.

Security Shutter

You can choose between:

1st - Metal bolts (2 units shipped)

They are inserted into the end cap of the roller shutter, one on each side. Simply drill a hole in the side guides to operate them.

2nd - Safety clamps (2 units shipped)

They are inserted into the shutter slats, one on each side, causing a blockage which prevents the shutter from being raised.

not included

Counterweight Lower End

It consists of an iron plate inserted in the lower end of the shutter.

It is advisable to for any type of roller shutter as often when we raise the shutter up to the top, all the weight remains on the shaft and it does not have the inertia to go down.

not included
High performance neutral silicone. It will be necessary to seal the sides of the slides and the top of the drawer.

Type of slat included AD

This product includes aluminium slats of 43mm curve of HIGH DENSITY with 180 (Kg/m³) polyurethane inside.

In addition to slats, this product includes an aluminium drawer with all its accessories and guides model H-25.

Aluminium 43mm HIGH DENSITY
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More from 815.000 decorated windows

From very easy installation without masonry workand suitable for fitting in compact units. Its shades are the same as the shutter profile, so that its installation presents a perfect and harmonious final appearance. harmonious final appearance.

Different types of assembly, depending on the facade of the buildinginside windows, or on its own face, as well as for indoors and outdoors.

Where is it installed and what do we receive?

How to measure and install?

Use of this type of blind

Our Aluminium Drawers Monoblock are ideal for new buildings and home renovationsalways guaranteeing the best levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, higher values thanks to its insulation system.

Particularly recommended for installation when the joinery is already present, with wide range of sizes that can be adapted to any need, as well as a complete range of colours that facilitates integration with carpentry.

High Density

It consists of doubling the hardness of the polyurethane foam inside the aluminium slats, thereby improving the rigidity of the slats and providing greater thermal and acoustic insulation. It gives us a plus over the classic aluminium slats.

How to measure

For the width and height, we will measure the opening at three points and choose the smallest one. We will deduct 5 mm from this measurement so that the shutter can fit into the opening.

For the type of winding overlapping we will add to the width The resulting height is 11 cm and for the height 13.7, 16.5 or 18 cm depending on the drawer that corresponds to its height.

Type of installation and output tape or cable

Drawers and maximum height


The wide range of models, sizes, colours and finishes in all our slat models allow us to offer a fully guaranteed solution, specific to each need.


  • Polyurethane density (Kg/m³)...............180
  • Nominal thickness (mm).............................8,8
  • Weight (kg/m²)............................................3.40
  • Linear weight (Kg/m)................................0,121
  • Minimum axis winding (mm)............40
  • Area coverage (mm)....................42,7
  • Slats / metre.........................................23,4
  • Maximum recommended height (cm)........260
  • Maximum recommended width (cm)....260


Our roller shutters can be conveniently raised and lowered with three types of drives.

  • By means of a 14 mm tape designed to support the weight of our blinds, it is the most commonly used way to operate this type of blinds.
  • By means of a cord with an adjustable handle.
  • Via mechanical motor for push button (Not included).
  • By means of a spring and lock on the end cap, the roller shutter is automatically retracted with the spring inside the box and to close it we will lower it completely by pulling the stops and operating the lock that is embedded in the aluminium end cap and we will close our opening safely.

Installation Video

Protection and resistance

It protects us both acoustically and thermally designed to withstand inclement weather without losing its qualities.

Designed and manufactured in high quality profiled aluminium for high durability.

Cleaning and maintenance

A simple rag and soapy water is enough to clean the roller shutter and the guides. Allow the use of household cleaners that are not harmful.

Delivery time

It will take 3 to 5 days to manufacture and 24-48 hours for the agency to deliver (Depending on the volume of the package).

Sent complete

- Aluminium roller shutter thermal 43mm Curved HIGH DENSITY with aluminium trim.
- Profiled aluminium drawer complete with hardware.    

- 2 Model H-25 guides.

- Foldable belt dustpan.
- Metallic tape pass-through.

Note: No hardware is included.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take exact measurements?

Yes, the more accurate the better to avoid problems during installation.

Technical characteristics

Additional information

Thermal insulation


Sound insulation


Place of installation

For doors, For windows


43mm Curved

Profile material

Aluminium 100%



Type of opening


Type of installation

Anchored to the hole, Hole to be covered

Aluminium Slat Colours

Blue Ral-5010, White, Bronze, Golden Oak Ember, Grey Ral-7011, Grey Ral-7016, Grey Ral-7022, Inox, Light Wood, Dark Wood, Ivory Ral-1015, Brown Ral-8014, Brown Ral-8017, Black, Walnut, Gold, Knotty Pine, Silver, Oak-Gold, Red Ral-3005, Red Ral-3007, Green Ral-6005, Green Ral-6009

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product ratings 24
Product rating 4.7/5
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All correct The only downside is that I ordered it with an engine and the limit switches were not adjusted.


Good product and good quality


All good. Nothing to complain about.


Good product and quality


Everything is perfect Both packaging and speed of arrival I recommend 100 per 100


The product is quality, very surprised, since the shipment was very fast and very well packaged, to avoid possible damage, with the exact measures to those ordered. I give them a 10. We will buy from them again. Thank you.


Quite good.


Very good quality, good service, well packaged and fast shipping, thank you.


Good product. Difficult to install


In accordance with the description

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Estimated delivery 3 to 5 working days
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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