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Roller Mosquito Netting Anti-pollen fabric

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This type of mosquito net has the extraordinary characteristics of all our products and, in addition, it is created to prevent any allergens from entering your home. We only use the best materials to guarantee that you will have the best roller mosquito net on the market in your home. Solution for split or double mosquito net and window with fixed PDF The mosquito net that does not exceed 140 cm in height or width will be manufactured in 33 mm head. For a height or width greater than 140 cms, it will be manufactured with a 42 mm head.

  • Enter averages in centimetres to get the price.
  • We manufacture its mosquito net.
  • High-quality aluminium frame.
  • Compatible with door installation.
  • Hard-wearing black anti-pollen fabric.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Made to measure: Max height 240 cms x 200 cms max width.
Configure your made-to-measure mosquito net
Measuring correctly is essential to ensure that your product is properly configured. That's why we have measuring guides for all our products, as well as technical specifications for each of them
1. Enter your measurements here
min: 50cm, max: 240cm
min: 50cms, max: 200cms

How to enter measurements

They should always be put in centimetres and when we need millimetres we will put a comma or full stop.

Example: 110,5 = 110 centimetres and 5 millimetres

WHITE kit for white mosquito net, the rest black kit.
roll-up mosquito net
White (+...)
Silver (+...)
Bronze (+...)
Stainless steel (+...)
Ivory Ral 1015 (+...)
Red Ral 3005 (+...)
Red Ral 3007 (+...)
Blue Ral 5010 (+...)
Green Ral 6005 (+...)
Grey Ral 7011 (+...)
Grey Ral 7022 (+...)
Grey Ral 7022 (+...)
Brown Ral 8007 (+...)
Brown Ral 8017 (+...)
Gloss Black (+...)
Matt Black (+...)
Knot Pine (+...)
Golden Oak (+...)
Teak (+...)
Walnut (+...)
roll-up mosquito net
Golden Oak PVC (+...)
Walnut PVC (+...)
Anthracite Metallised PVC (+...)
Silver Alumino PVC (+...)

Reduced Speed System (RDS)

This system generates a smooth and progressive fabric take-up without abrupt shocks.

It is inserted inside the head on the right side as you look at the screen from the front.

By selecting this system your screen will automatically be manufactured in 42mm head.Please take this into account when applying to avoid space problems.


not included
To unlock the click-clack lock we press down and outwards to release the lock.

Type of end lock or bolt

You can choose between the traditional mushroom lock which is very robust and reliable or select the new CLIC CLAC lock which is more minimalist and cleaner as it is completely concealed.

The clic clac lock is a novelty and works the same as the normal one but is much more aesthetically pleasing.



roll-up mosquito net
roll-up mosquito net

How is the CLIC-CLAC lock installed?

how to install clic clac
how to install clic clac
roll-up mosquito net
roll-up mosquito net
CLIC - CLAC (+3,95€)

Windproof Doormat

The windproof mat is inserted in both side guides and with it we will retain the fabric much more so that it does not come off when the gusts of wind are stronger.

Thanks to its much stiffer hairs we will get a better grip of the mosquito netting.

, ,
roll-up mosquito net

How to install the guides with Windproof Doormat

, ,
, ,
roll-up mosquito net
ANTIVENT (+6,95€)

Necessary screws for installation

We send screws for the installation of the mosquito screen in ALUMINIUM or directly to the WALL with plugs.

, ,
, ,
, ,

Neutral Silicone 300ml

There are many times that due to irregularities in the walls or to make our mosquito net completely watertight we need a good silicone.

Available in a multitude of colours to match our mosquito nets.

, ,
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Product in stock ready for production!!!


The sophisticated design of the anti-pollen mesh we have used to make this roller screen offers a high degree of protection against the sun. 100 % effective protection against environmental pollutants, where most of the pollen types are located.

In addition, its 90.9 % effectiveness against the highest density allergenssuch as grass or ragweed, and gives additional protection to people allergic to grass or olive tree.

We have the endorsement of the European Centre for Allergy Research and Foundation (ECARF), who certify the effectiveness of the fabric used in our fabrics. They are made of the highest quality polyester with a refined construction that retains pollution, dust and dirt. In addition, it will provide you with maximum comfort and will allow air and light of the highest quality to pass through.

roll-up mosquito netting anti-pollen fabric

Use of this type of mosquito net

These screens are designed to provide protection for almost any size window or door; the maximum dimensions of our screens are 240 cm high and 200 cm wide. This makes them one of the most versatile systems in the country.

We created them so that they can be installed on any surface, using plugs and screws, or between the blind guide and the window using self-tapping screws.


The mechanism of our mosquito net provides comfort to raise and lower it thanks to its system of handles or ropes. In addition to this, we add a pair of supports at the bottom that allow the screen to be immobilised if we want it closed. It also has a multi-filament matting frame that blocks the incursion of rodents or unwanted insects, creating a near perfect sealing of the area.

Where to install the mosquito net

There are two ways to install our roller mosquito nets:

1 - Between the window and the shutter.

This space is the best option as it protects our mosquito net as much as possible, but we need a minimum gap of 3.3 cm for a maximum height of 140 cm and 4.2 cm for a height between 141 cm and 240 cm (self-tapping screws for aluminium included).

, ,

2 - On the outside of the roller shutter guide.

Directly installed to the sides of the wall with plugs and screws (included in the mosquito screen), it is recommended to seal it with silicone once installed.

, ,

If ordered with RDS the head shall always be 4.2 cm.

For widths over 140 cm, a 4.2 cm head will be sent.

NOTE: Self-tapping screws and plugs included for each screen.

How to measure

We will measure several points for both width and height and we will keep the smallest one, which we will use to order our mosquito net on the web.

, ,
, ,

When ordering, the total height you indicate will be the sum of the guides and the head, so that once the mosquito screen is installed, it will give you the total height you indicated in the order.


We take great care to work only with products of the highest quality. The insect screen is made from the best aluminium on the market and is painted with QUALICOAT seal paint in a wide range of colours. In this case, we have chosen black for the mesh.

The durability of the mosquito net is very long: it can be used every day without colour fading or tearing.

, ,

Windproof Doormat

The position of the guides must always be with the wind mat facing the outside of the house in order to ensure that it performs its function correctly.

, ,

How to regulate the tension of our Mosquito Net

Cleaning and maintenance

Both the aluminium frame and the insect screen fabric can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water. However, we recommend the use of neutral cleaners for aluminium parts.

Delivery time

We have qualified staff who will manufacture your mosquito net in 1 to 2 working days. plus the 24 hours it will take the agency to deliver.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take exact measurements?

Yes, our qualified staff will make the mosquito net according to the measurements you give us. That is why it is very important. take measurements accurately to avoid problems when installing it.

What do I need to install it?

We will send you the necessary plugs and screws for the installation and we will also send you You only have to screw or drill in the place you have chosen for the mosquito net.

Technical characteristics

Additional information

Place of installation

For doors, For windows

Type of installation

Fixed to aluminium, Wall

Profile material

Aluminium 100%



Anti-pollen cloth


Fabric sealing

Nautical tape



Type of opening



33 mm, 42 mm


Vertical with fabric clamped in the guides

Braking System (RDS)


Anti-wind system


Windproof Doormat


Mosquito Net Colours

Stainless Steel, Anthracite Metallic PVC, Blue, Blue Ral 5010, White, Bronze, Graphite PVC, Anthracite Grey PVC, Mottled Graphite Grey, Grey Ral 7011, Grey Ral 7016, Grey Ral 7022, Ivory Ral 1015, Brown Ral 8003, Brown Ral 8007, Brown Ral 8014, Brown Ral 8017, Mobila, Gloss Black, Matt Black, Walnut, Walnut PVC, Oregon, Knotty Pine, Silver, Silver Aluminium PVC, Silver Ral 9006, Oak, Light Oak, Golden Oak, Golden Oak, Golden Oak PVC, Red, Red Ral 3005, Red Ral 3007, Sapele, Teak, Green, Green Ral 6005, Green Ral 6009

Product type

Made-to-measure mosquito netting kit

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Roller Mosquito Netting Anti-pollen fabric

product ratings 11
Product rating 4.2/5
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Good product


Impressive, easy and super fast installation, great quality and looks like it's your own aluminium accessory.


Quite happy, good service and everything is fine


ok mesh cut is not clean


I am very sorry to have bought it, as I say, it has multiple flaws and it is quite expensive to send it back so I will have to keep it, but I will not recommend it to anybody.


Regarding the anti-pollen mosquito nets the mesh of one arrives with a black stripe in the middle, the aluminium profile two of them scratched and the customer service they have as if it did not exist if you call them to the fixed or communicates or they do not pick it up, if you call the mobile more of the same and finally leave them a message in the chat of the Web............ is like talking alone ¡¡¡ they do not pay attention to you!!!!!


They are perfect and of high quality with anti pollen, no pollen or dust can enter, very happy.


Very good quality.


I loved it and the quality is good


***I am delighted with my purchase and I would advise everyone ***

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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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