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Roller Blind Aluminium Thermal 55mm Curve

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Estimated delivery 3 to 5 working days

Perfect for changing our old PVC shutters without the need to install any type of guide on the sides or to carry out any work in our home. nor to carry out works in our house. Energy efficiency is basic in our homes, the use of aluminium slats with internal polyurethane will provide us with greater acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • It does not need Reduction Guides.
  • Drawer not includedonly the shutter, stops and braces.
  • Polyurethane interior with density 90 (Kg/m³).
  • Aluminium end cap with watertight rubber and holesv for the buffers.
  • High power thermal and acoustic insulation without any construction work.
  • Made to measure: Max height 300 cm x 260 cm max width.
  • If you need spare parts or accessories click HERE.
Configure your shutter to MEASURE
Measuring correctly is essential to ensure that your product is properly configured. That's why we have measuring guides for all our products, as well as technical specifications for each of them
1. Enter your measurements here
min: 20cms, max: 300cms
min: 20cms, max: 270cms

How to enter measurements

They should always be put in centimetres and when we need millimetres we will put a comma or full stop.

Example: 110,5 = 110 centimetres and 5 millimetres

White (+...)
Ivory Ral - 1015 (+...)
Silver (+...)
Ral Grey - 7011 (+...)
Ral Grey - 7016 (+...)
Black (+...)
Embero Golden Oak (+...)

Security Shutter

You can choose between:

1st - Metal bolts (2 units shipped)

They are inserted into the end cap of the roller shutter, one on each side. Simply drill a hole in the side guides to operate them.

2nd - Safety clamps (2 units shipped)

They are inserted into the shutter slats, one on each side, causing a blockage which prevents the shutter from being raised.

Security Locks (+5,95€)
Safety Clamps (+8,95€)

Counterweight Lower End

It consists of an iron plate inserted in the lower end of the shutter.

It is advisable to for any type of roller shutter as often when we raise the shutter up to the top, all the weight remains on the shaft and it does not have the inertia to go down.

not included

Drive required Motor shaft 60mm

If you wish to motorise your roller shutter, we offer both push-button and radio remote control motors.

This type of roller shutter needs a motor to operate. 60mm AXLE The most recommended for supporting larger blinds and having a more affordable price.

We have to take into account the axle we have for a correct installation.

The motors include a gear bushing and side bracket to be screwed to our drawer or wall.

If MOTOR is selected, no holes will be drilled in the aluminium end cap.

Please note that if you already have an MOTOR you will have to tell us in the order notes that we do not add the holes to the lower end.


With or without holes in the end cap?

Because many customers already have MOTOR We have decided to create this section to select whether or not to drill holes in the coping.

aluminium thermal rolling shutter 43mm curved
When you go without ENGINE we drill holes for the buffers
aluminium thermal rolling shutter 43mm curved
When you go with MOTOR we do not drill holes
aluminium thermal rolling shutter 43mm curved
normal with holes
aluminium thermal rolling shutter 43mm curved

Neutral Silicone 300ml

There are many times that due to irregularities in the walls or to make our mosquito net completely watertight we need a good silicone.

Available in a multitude of colours to match our mosquito nets.


Complete kit of accessories for roller shutter 60mm axle

It includes all the necessary accessories to change our roller shutter: Shaft, Capsule, Disc, Tape Passer, Holders and Picker.

The 60mm octagonal shaft will be sent 20 cms wider than the width of the blind, if you want it to be an exact size, just write it in the notes or observations of the order.

not included
YES INCLUDED (+39,95€)
Product total
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More from 815.000 decorated windows

The 55 mm curved aluminium thermal louvres, in addition to having the best pre-lacquering, have an unbeatable thermal and acoustic insulation, their slats are filled with rigid expanded polyurethane foam and thermal-insulating without fluorocarbon. Our advanced technology allows us to offer shutter models designed to meet all current requirements.

It decorates facades, controls the intensity of sunlight and allows ventilation or airtight closure, either manually or by electric operators.

How to Measure

This type of roller shutter can only be installed when our old guide has a gap of more than 1.6 cm wide, it cannot be installed in smaller gaps.

We will take the width as in the image below (from the bottom to the bottom of the shutter channel) we will deduct 1 centimetre from this measurement so that the shutter has clearance and does not rub when it is operated.

The High will be the size of your window or door with an increment of  25 cms, This increase is necessary in order to be able to attach the blind to the upper shaft. This will be the measurement you will need to provide when ordering.

With this product we send you:

- Blinds cut to size with aluminium thermal louvres 55mm Curva.

Finishing touches Aluminium with channel for bolts (Optional locks).

2 straps or straps for fastening.

-2 stops in the colour of the blind.

NOTE: Does not include aluminium crate, only the above described.


We can comfortably raise and lower our roller shutter with three types of drive.

  • By means of 20 mm tape designed to support the weight of our blinds. This is the most commonly used way of operating this type of roller shutter.
  • By means of a lathe with a steel cable and operating a crank handle for raising and lowering the shutter. Widely used in hospitals and social centres for its comfort.
  • Via engine, either with pushbutton or with remote control.

Protection and resistance

All our louvres are an obstacle to solar radiation. They protect the occupants of the homes where they are installed, offering a total guarantee in their use, as they do not degrade due to the action of UV rays.

Their quality will prevent extra energy costs by preventing the unwanted flow of cold or heat through your window. Especially our wide range of profiled slats which, with the expanded polyurethane inside, offer higher insulation values that will contribute to an optimisation of the domestic economy.

Our roller shutters also offer protection against ambient noise from the outside, thanks to the qualities of aluminium and a high-performance polyurethane interior.


  • Polyurethane density (Kg/m³)...............90
  • Nominal thickness (mm).............................13,2
  • Weight (kg/m²)............................................3.43
  • Peso lineal (Kg/m)................................0,192
  • Minimum axis winding (mm)............60
  • Coverage area (mm)....................55
  • Lamas / metro.........................................18
  • Maximum recommended height (cms)........450
  • Maximum recommended width (cm)....300
  • Wind resistance Class ..................... 5
55mm curved aluminium thermal roller shutter

Safety clamps

They are inserted between the guide and the shutter, which makes it very difficult to raise the shutter. 2 units are shipped.

Spare parts and accessories for roller shutters

You can select a complete KIT of accessories for your roller shutter which consists of the following: 


  • Axis
  • Capsule
  • Disc
  • Supports
  • Dustpan and belt
  • Passing tapes

If you need this kind of complements are available in this category:   HERE


The wide range of models, sizes, colours and finishes in all our slat models allow us to offer a fully guaranteed solution, specific to each need.

Cleaning and maintenance

A simple cloth and soapy water will suffice to clean the aluminium roller shutter and guides, it does not allow the use of harmful household cleaners.

Delivery time

We have qualified personnel who will manufacture your shutter within 1 to 2 working days for BLANCO.

Other colours of 3 to 5 days working days.

The delivery time will be 24-48h depending on the area.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take exact measurements?

Yes, the more accurate the better to avoid problems during installation.

Do you add to or subtract from the measurements in the order?

We will manufacture to the size provided by the customer, who will increase or decrease what is necessary as indicated in the section of how to measure.

Technical characteristics

Additional information


By belt, Motor, Lathe

Sound insulation


Thermal insulation


Solar control


Place of installation

For doors, For windows


55mm Curved




Lacquered aluminium

Type of opening


Type of installation

Between guides

Product type

Aluminium roller shutter curtain

Aluminium Slat Colours

Blue Ral-5010, White, Bronze, Golden Oak Ember, Golden, Graphite Grey, Grey Ral-7011, Grey Ral-7016, Grey Ral-7022, Stainless Steel, Light Wood, Dark Wood, Ivory Ral-1015, Brown Ral-8014, Brown Ral-8017, Brown Ral-8019, Black, Walnut, Gold, Oxidon Brown, Pine Knot, Silver, Oak-gold, Red Ral-3005, Red Ral-3007, Green Ral-6005, Green Ral-6009

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Product rating 4.8/5
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Third shutter I have bought, as I am very satisfied with the products. Perfect measurements, quality, speed and price.


I have already said what I had to say


High quality material! I recommend it!


quality product with good insulation with good durability and perfect to replace my old pvc blinds.


Very satisfied.


Quality and insulation are noticeable


The starting slat is not as thick as the curves and when it gets a bit windy it sounds like there is too much slack in the guide, the photograph is misleading, it looks the same or thicker but it is not.


I don't have the material yet but I think it will be perfect.


Lightweight and easy to fit.



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Estimated delivery 3 to 5 working days
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
24H Manufacturing
Shipping 24/48h
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