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11 reasons why your shutter stays up (and solutions)

Last updated:
14 March, 2024
Reading time: 6 minutes

A very common malfunction is if the shutter stays upwithout going down. In this post, you will find out what are the most frequent reasons for this to happen and how to repair your shutters in an easy, quick and simple way.

Operation of a roller shutter

Before we get down to business, it might be worthwhile to take a brief look at how a roller shutter works (otherwise we won't be able to explain why your roller shutter stays up).

The shutters are made up of a set of slats and a axis on which they are wound, which is contained in a drawer (horizontally).

The shaft is held on both sides by bearings. At one end of the shaft, there is a pulley by which the winding rope. This is the one that is exposed on the outside of the wall. It comes out of the drawer at the top and is inserted into the tape collector below.

However, your roller shutter may not be fitted with tape, but with a cable.

The operation of a roller shutter is simple:

  • To raise it: The belt is pulled and unwinds from the upper pulley. The shaft will rotate and pull the shutter slats, causing the shutter to rise.
  • To download it: the belt is pulled so that it is wound onto the upper pulley. The force required in this case is less, as the belt winds up by itself. The weight of the slats themselves rotates the shaft, winding the belt onto the pulley.

A simple mechanism, isn't it?

Parts of the roller shutter

Therefore, the parts of your roller shutter that you will need to recognise in order to fix it are:


Shutter brackets or bearings.

The dustpan

The tape

The bodkin.

The slats.

The drawer.

The axis.

The pulley.

The capsule.

Shutter does not lower fully: a typical fault

watching the sun peek through the lowering of a slat of shutter

The passage of time means breakdowns, and blinds are no exception. Do your blinds stay up? The truth is that it is one of the most common breakdowns.

The causes of this can be very diverse:

  • External factors (such as sunlight, humidity, rain, wind, etc.).
  • Raising and lowering the shutter too often.
  • Never use the blind (yes, we know it seems paradoxical, but it is logical, as not using it would result in a lack of maintenance).

The parts that suffer the most damage tend to be the slats, the belt or the winding shaft in this type of failure.

What to do when a blind stays up

When you are faced with a blind that is stuck at the top, the first thing to do is to get a screwdriver and a stable ladder with which you can comfortably reach the blind box.

You will have to open the drum and look inside what is the cause of the blockage.

Why your roller shutter stays up and how to fix it

There are 11 reasons that are among the most common when looking for culprits when a blind stays up. Let us explain what they are and how to fix them:

Dirt on the shutter

Often the mere accumulation of dirt, dust, feathers, cobwebs or mud on the drums and on the surface of the blinds will cause the blinds to slide poorly on the guides.

The solution, therefore, is obvious: dismantle your roller shutter and thoroughly clean the inside of the drawer, its elements, slats and recesses.

How to clean blinds is an issue we have already addressed in this blog.

Your roller shutter will work as before.

hand cleaning roller shutter slats with cloth

Displacement of one or more slats

It is also quite common that one or more slats have moved and are no longer properly aligned. Is this the case for you? Then, your shutter will go down again as soon as you fix this deviation.. It is a task that will take no more than a few seconds and has nothing to explain.

Breakage of slats

This problem is more complex than the previous ones, as we are talking about slats that are not misaligned, but broken. The damaged or deformed slats to be replaced as soon as possible. We show you how change shutter slatsso that yours can go back down as usual.

Excessively light blind

While too much weight in a blind can cause it to collapse frequently, too much weight in a blind can also present problems. What do we mean by this? That the same your shutter stays up because it lacks weight.

How to deal with this setback? Adding sand or a metal plate to the slat at the end.

This problem is more likely to occur in alicantine PVC shuttersThey stand out for their light weight. To avoid this, buy good quality ones.

Remember that we already have why PVC slats are worse than aluminium slats.

Shaft friction problems

woman wedged between the slats of a blind

Is the reason why your roller shutter stays up neither in the slats nor in the accumulated dirt? Then it's time to focus your attention on the shaft. Check for unimpeded rotation. In other words, make sure there are no obstacles or friction to slow it down.

Depending on how much it costs you to move it, the fault could be fixed with simple greasing. If not, a way would have to be found to give it some slack in the rotation.

Damage to the axle support

Over time and constant use can ensure that the shutter does not come down because of a breakage of the axle support.

This is a plastic piece that allows the axle to be anchored to the wall of the drawer.

It is also what connects it to the tape.

If the bracket is damaged, it should be replace it with another.

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Dismantle the roller shutter.
    • Don't worry, we'll tell you how at the end of the article.
  2. Remove the axle.

For such actions, you will need a screwdriver.

Detachment of one of the straps connecting the axle to the blind

The blind is attached to the shaft by two or more straps. If one of them breaks or falls off, your blind can tilt and get stuck in the guides. How to correct this problem? Replacing the damaged strap with a new one.

The roller shutter belt has jammed.

If the blind tape is jammed, it probably is:

  • Because the tape is in bad condition (we have already explained how to fix the cord of a roller shutter quickly and easily).
  • Because the dustpan is rustedThis obstructs the passage of the tape (here's how to replace it).
  • Because the pulley gearing is defective (more on this later).
  • Because the belt has come off the shaft.

To solve the latter case, open the box containing the tape and put it back in place.

A new belt catcher has to be installed

For installing a new belt catcheryou must follow these steps:

shuttered window with red light
  • Put the roller shutter strap through the strap pass-through (previously, pass the strap through the trim).
    Bend the end of the rope a couple of centimetres.
  • Make a slight incision in the centre using scissors.
  • Retract the dustpan pulley, turning it until you feel resistance (hold it tight so it doesn't slip off and hurt you).
    Place the end of the belt in the pulley attachment area, where you will see a metal notch or screw.
  • Carefully loosen the pulley. Let the belt wind up with a few turns.
  • Place the dustpan in its box.
  • Put the trim on top of it, screwing it to the wall.
  • Fit the cover of the roller shutter box.

Check that the shutter moves correctly now.

Broken pulley

For replacing a damaged pulley for a new one, you have to:

  • Open the roller shutter drawer when the slats are rolled up.
  • Lower the roller shutter and remove the slats' hooks.
  • Remove the shaft from its couplings.
  • Remove the defective pulley and replace it.

C'est fini. Carry out the above operations in reverse and you're all set.

Breakage of the roller shutter motor

Sometimes the operation of an electric roller shutter motor can cause blockages. How to solve it, reprogram your command and reconfigure the travel stops so that the shutter stops correctly. You can also adjust any loose cables.

If this is not enough, a professional should be contacted.

How to dismantle the roller shutter so that it can be lowered again

We can't finish this post without explaining how to dismantle the shutter so that you can fix it:

  • Remove the box cover. Keep in mind how to open a roller shutter box.
  • Dismantle old tapes (clamping straps) from the last slat to the shaft.
  • Clean the shutter (remember how cleaning blinds on the outside without disassembling them).
  • Remove the dustpan of the blind with a screwdriver (make sure you don't lose the screws).
  • Let go of the rope of the anchor point.
  • Pull out the entire strap of the blind by pulling from the top of the shaft.
  • Make sure that the axle is not out of level (will prevent traffic jams).
  • Remove the shaft of the roller shutter drawer and clean it.
  • Fit new bearing housings where the old people were (if necessary).

And this is how it is done.

Conclusion: shutter repair prices

Now you know why your shutter stays up and how to fix it. If you don't want to complicate your life, you can always call in a professional to fix your alicantine wooden shutters or PVC. The price of these services is between approximately 30 euros and 150 euros.

Remember that if your roller shutter is electric, it may be the motor that is the problem. If it needs to be replaced, the cost of repairing an electric blind may be somewhat higher.

If you are considering other window treatment options, we invite you to explore our extensive range of interior venetian blinds. With their elegance and functionality, these blinds will add a modern and sophisticated touch to your spaces. Visit our online shop and choose the perfect blind for you!

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Written by: Javier Marquez Barneto


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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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