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External blinds: aluminium or PVC

Last updated:
14 March, 2024
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Surely, if you have had to change the blinds in your home because of a renovation or because they have broken down, you are probably wondering what to do if you have to change them. external blinds: aluminium or PVCare the best to use.

Both materials are the most widely used in blinds today, but both are not the same and the differences can make you end up opting for one type of composition or the other.

The importance of aluminium or PVC external blinds

external blinds made of aluminium or PVC

Blinds have become one of the most basic elements in every home, not only because they regulate the amount of light that enters the interior, but also because they preserve our privacy and intimacy. We could even add that helps regulate temperature and minimise noise from the outside, as well as act as a barrier to protect the window weather elements such as hail or wind.

Likewise, when used in businesses, they function as a security element against intrusion and theft.

Choosing the best material for roller shutters is therefore essential for the home or business. On the market we can find different types, with manual or mechanised operation and composed of the two most commonly used materials, which are the aluminium and PVC.

External aluminium roller shutters

The aluminium is a metalThis is why this type of roller shutter includes many of the advantages and characteristics of this compound. Read on to find out more about the benefits of the aluminium shutters.


Aluminium roller shutters are made of metal and are one of the most common types of roller shutters in the world. most commonly used in construction. And although PVC blinds have become more popular in recent years, they have not completely banished the metal blinds and are still quite popular.

The slats are filled with polyurethane foamThe panels are relatively lightweight and can be used for a wide range of applications. They are relatively lightweight and can be lacquering in almost any colour (although this may vary in price).

Similarly, the drawer can be of different types, such as traditional, compact or mini, and can be domotised blinds to be controlled by remote control or by switch, i.e. by means of an electrical installation).

aluminium roller shutter in premises

Advantages of aluminium external blinds

Among the advantages offered by aluminium blinds are the following:

  • Duration. It has a long life span (even a century) if well maintained.)
  • Resistance. It is one of the most resistant materials and can withstand all kinds of climatic agents, scratches and colours. Also, its colours do not fade over time and it is an antioxidant material.
  • Popularity. They are much better known as they were the original material model and for their multiple benefits.
  • Repair. In case of damage, repair is cheap and simple, it is just a matter of having a professional do the job.
  • Comfort. As they are made of aluminium, they weigh very little, which makes them light and easy to maintain. In addition, they have an elegant design that blends well with the aesthetics of buildings and interiors.
  • Price. They are more expensive, but they also last longer, making them worth the investment.
  • Isolation. Filled with polyurethane foam, they are a perfect acoustic barrier, in addition to serving as a sound barrier. blinds to insulate against heat and from the cold outside.

Disadvantages of aluminium roller shutters

  • Aluminium, being a metal, functions as a energy carrier and produces greater heat dissipation.
  • It has a high dilatation and loses its watertightness.
  • It is a material more expensive than PVC and thermal insulation can be improved with thermal breaks.

PVC external blinds

The PVC is a plastic material and is one of the most widely used materials for blinds due to the advantages it offers.


PVC blinds are made of plastic and are commonly found in homes and offices. As with aluminium blinds, they are composed of slats injected with polyurethane to increase the strength of the blinds. acoustic and thermal insulation.

They are more light than the aluminium versions and this makes them usable up to a certain size and easy to raise or lower (if not motorised). However, the permitted width is lower for PVC blinds than for aluminium blinds, a fact that must be taken into account if the window opening is wide.

These blinds can be fitted with a traditional, mini or compact drawer and we can find a variety of colours, although in smaller quantities than the aluminium ones.

Advantages of PVC blinds

The advantages that we can find if we use PVC blinds are:

external PVC shutter
  • Durable. They are strong and durable, although less so than aluminium.
  • Resistant. As with aluminium roller shutters, PVC roller shutters are highly resistant to climatic changes.
  • Maintenance. It is very easy to clean, thanks to the fact that it is a plastic material that allows the use of different cleaning products.
  • Price. The price is one of the cheapest on the market and saves at least about 15%.
  • Comfort. These blinds can be painted in different colours according to the user's taste, especially if they are motorised.
  • As it is made of plastic, it has a better sound and heat insulation.

Disadvantages of PVC blinds

  • It is susceptible to undergo dilatation by changes in temperature.
  • Easily discoloured and the outer finish wears away.
  • It has a useful life less than other, more resistant materials.
  • Poor heat resistance compared to aluminium.

Main differences between aluminium external venetian blinds and PVC blinds

Now that we know what the materials are and their characteristics, let's go on to compare aluminium and PVC roller shutters taking into account variables to help you choose between one or the other material.

Durability and resistance

There is no doubt that the Aluminium is a stronger and more durable material than PVC.The PVC material will last more years in good condition compared to the PVC material (even with the same care and maintenance). Not forgetting that the colour fading is more evident in blinds with PVC slats.

Secondly, when talking about resilience, resilience also includes the security. Aluminium is a metal that is resistant to damaging weather conditions and intrusion attempts from the outside. A forceful blow can break PVC shutters, but in the case of aluminium, it will have greater resistance to impact as well as being more resistant to fire.

This explains why the metal aluminium is used in security shutters to close shops and other types of establishment.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Both types of roller shutters are equipped with polyurethane filled slats which ensures a high degree of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. However, if we consider the ability to insulate temperature, PVC blinds perform better, as plastic transmits less heat than aluminium blinds.

Although this disadvantage of aluminium roller shutters is reduced when the windows have thermal break. This means that the window profile and glass ensure insulation from the heat and cold outside.


Whether aluminium or PVC blinds, they are easy to maintain. Both are easy to clean with a high degree of safety (just open the drawer and wipe with a damp cloth while rolling and unrolling to clean the outside. However, if you are looking for differences, those of PVC allow the use of more productsThey are even easier to clean than aluminium ones.

Quality and service life

The quality offered by aluminium is better than PVC, especially in terms of impact resistance and durability. The service life of aluminium roller shutters is longer, especially if they are of high quality.


It is common for roller shutters in PVC are more economical than aluminium blinds. On average, we can find that the price of aluminium blinds varies between €50 and €170/m2, while PVC blinds have a price per m2 of between €40 and €150.

But it should be borne in mind that, if we choose to extruded aluminiumThe more resistant, more durable roller shutter can cost up to 200 €/m2. The price of installation and the type of blind can also influence the final price.

cleaning of external blinds

So which external blinds are best?

When buying both blinds, it is clear that the blinds from aluminium are better in terms of insulation, lightness, strength and service life, although it has the weaknesses in terms of cleanliness and final price. It should also be noted that there are blinds made from both types of materials, creating a extruded aluminium alloy and PVC.

However, as always, it all depends on the customer's preference.

At Systems24h we have told you about the main differences between the aluminium and PVC external blinds. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages for use in the home. Do you know which one to choose? Then get your roller shutter with us now.

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Written by: Javier Marquez Barneto


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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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