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What are the best blinds for bathrooms?

Last updated:
14 March, 2024
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bathroom blinds

The bathroom stands out for being a room that requires care, as much as in other areas of the home. And part of this care begins with knowing how to cover our bathroom window properly. One of the biggest mistakes that are often made is not knowing which are the best ones to use in the bathroom. best blinds for bathrooms.

 Because it is a mistake to cover the windows with the usual curtains. Long, voluminous curtains made of fabric are not suitable for the bathroom, as they can accumulate a lot of humidity and therefore contain a lot of dust.

Types of blinds for bathrooms

In general, we can put various types of blinds for bathrooms, depending on our tastes and needs.

Screen roller blinds

The roller blind screen is ideal for the bathroom because it is made of polyester or fibreglass. Both are good repellents against moisture, dust and fire.

One of its characteristics is that it contains pores throughout the fabric, which allow light to enter the room in a way that allows it to be seen from the outside. dosed and controlled. We can find different pore sizes, ranging from 10% where a lot of light enters, 5% and the less light letting 1%.

opaque roller blind

Translucent roller blinds

These blinds are usually made of polyester, so the advantages are similar to screen blinds. The difference is in the fabric, where translucent blinds do not have different sized holes, only light passes through them in a very thin way. eveningThe lighting is warm and pleasant, giving a feeling of comfort and tranquillity to the environment.

Opaque roller blinds

Blackout blinds do not allow any light to pass through the fabric, which means that the blind can be used as an additional bathroom will not have natural light. This type of blind is good for bathrooms where the windows do not have blinds. They are also made of polyester, so they are easy to clean.

Roller blinds night and day

Another option is to choose a roller blind night and day. It is one of the best options, which allows choose between completely blocking the light or dimming the light in depending on how we position the horizontal strips of fabric. Its composition is also made of polyester, making it a material is easy to cleanThe system is designed to prevent humidity and dust accumulation.

Folding blinds for bathrooms

These blinds have a pleated fabric that fold up like an accordion. They can be placed in any position, adjusting the light that enters the room. At the same time, they take up hardly any space and can be found in different degrees of transparency. They also provide a certain elegance and style thanks to their design.

folding blind

Paqueto bathroom blinds

It is not exactly foldable, as it does not have a folding rod. In this case, they are folded together to form a irregular waves. This design gives them a rustic feel that looks good in a bathroom. However, it has the disadvantage that they are composed of flaxIt is very different from polyester or fibreglass, so it cannot repel moisture or dust.

Other types of bathroom coatings

In addition to the typical screen roller blinds or folding blinds, we also have other roller blinds which, due to their function, are often included in the roller blind range. In addition, they are made of materials that are very resistant to moisture in the bathroom.

wooden blind

Wooden Venetian blind

A very popular way to cover windows is by applying a Venetian blind. It helps to easily control the light that enters the room and brings warmth to the bathroom. They also provide solidity, privacy and style.

Wood composites are one of the most trendy wall coverings, so we can find them in an infinite number of colours and with a wide range of finishes. customisation option to fit the measurements and style of our bathroom.

Aluminium venetian blind

It is one of the smartest options for controlling the light that enters our bathroom. They are easy to use and very hygienicThey do not retain dust or other allergens such as dust mites or pollen. To clean them you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Thanks to this blind we can create a minimalist atmosphere and relaxing in our bathroom.

Bamboo bathroom blinds

There is nothing like the natural material to decorate these small rooms. Its advantage is that it has relative humidity resistanceHowever, care must be taken in this regard.

Because it is easily customisable, we can choose the ideal lining to match the style of the bathroom. The slats of these blinds are thin and have a matt finish, making it an attractive type of blind to use.

Imitation wood blinds

We also have blinds that are made of PVC and imitate wood. The PVC is a very resistant material The disadvantage is that the blind is water and moisture resistant, so you have a long-lasting, tailor-made window blind. The disadvantage is that are heavier than other types of blinds and do not provide a natural finish like those made of wood or real bamboo, although they are very economically priced.

Fibreglass blinds

The fibreglass blinds are a popular and practical choice for the bathroom. These blinds are made from a strong and durable material that is ideal for withstanding the damp and high humidity conditions present in bathrooms. Fibreglass is known for its resistance to moisture and mildew, making it an excellent choice for this type of environment.

In addition to their strength, fibreglass bathroom blinds also offer privacy and light control. You can easily adjust the amount of light you want to allow into the bathroom by raising or lowering the blind. This allows you to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere while showering or getting ready for the day.

Another advantage of these blinds is their easy maintenance. You can easily clean them using a damp cloth or a mild cleaner, which makes them very suitable for the bathroom environment. In addition, their versatile and modern design suits any style of décor and provides a clean and tidy look to your bathroom.

In short, fibreglass blinds are an excellent choice for the bathroom due to their resistance to moisture, their ability to offer privacy and light control, as well as their easy maintenance. With these blinds, you can enjoy a functional and elegant bathroom at the same time.

Advantages of bathroom blindss

Bathroom blinds have different advantages depending on the type of blind chosen, but the ideal blind should contain the following elements:

  • Waterproof blinds. Ideally, they should be moisture-resistant and as waterproof as possible.
  • Aluminium mechanism. It is best if the mechanism is made of aluminium, as this metal does not corrode, withstands humidity and weighs next to nothing. In addition, it gives the blind a much more elegant look.
  • Combine with any style. The blinds, whatever type they are, nowadays allow a great variety of colours and fabric designs so that they can be perfectly combined with the bathroom decoration.
  • Easy to install. The blinds are easy to install on any window and can be installed by the user himself without any complications.
boy measuring for roller blind installation

Measuring blinds for bathrooms

We cannot pass up the opportunity to tell how to measure roller blinds for baths. It is a very simple process and in a few minutes we will have the product in place.

  • We choose the place where we are going to place the blind (wall or ceiling), measure from side to side of the outer frame of the window and add 10 to 15 cm on each side.
  • In the case of the height, if it is to be wall-mounted, it is recommended that it be placed 10 to 15 cm above the upper frame of the window.

With these basic tips, we will already have the necessary measures to find out how to buy our blind.

Installing bathroom blinds

In order to fit the blind correctly, we present a series of steps to follow so that it looks perfect in our bathroom.

The installation of blinds can be wall or ceiling mounted, if we want it on the wall, we have to measure from the ceiling and, if we want it on the ceiling, we also have to take into account the wall.

  • We take as reference the ceiling or wall As indicated above, we measure from it to the point where we have to place the first support (chain side), mark and make the hole.
  • Once the first bracket is in place, repeat the same process with the other one, marking the same distance. We can make sure that it is straight by fitting the blind into the bracket we have already placed.
  • Once we have the bracket anchored to the ceiling or wall, we fit the blind. Start with the part where the chain goes and then turn the sprocket or piece at the other end to position the blind correctly on the brackets.
install window blind

What should blinds for bathroom windows look like?

When buying blinds to put on our bathroom windows, we have to take into account certain aspects. As we know, it is an area where a lot of humidity accumulates and needs to be cleaned more thoroughly than other rooms in the home. We have to take into account the following points:

  • Size. The size is an essential element in choosing the best blind for our bathroom. They must never touch the floor as this can contain humidity, so the ideal size is that it adapts to the dimensions of the window.
  • Material. When choosing the material, it is best to choose fabrics and materials that do not absorb dust mites, are easy to clean and withstand moisture well.
  • Brightness. Light is essential in any room in the home. If we have little space, the best option is to install a translucent model to achieve optimum luminosity and create the sensation of greater amplitude. Of course, we have to make sure that they allow light to pass through without being seen from outside.
  • Space. The bathroom is usually a rather small place, so it is better to have a blind that fits the window and has a neutral colour. However, if we have a large bathroom, we can choose a wider blind with a more colourful pattern.
  • Colour. Colour influences the feeling of spaciousness. An intense colour such as red or orange gives the room energy, while neutral colours make the bathroom a more relaxing place.

And now here, in Systems24h we have introduced you to the types of blinds for bathrooms that you can install in your home. As you have seen, there are many models to choose from, depending on the characteristics of your bathroom and your personal taste.

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Written by: Javier Marquez Barneto


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Online Trust is the leading quality seal for the internet in Spain. It is a distinctive seal displayed by companies that guarantee maximum transparency, security, and trust when buying and browsing their websites.
If you need us to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, or if you have any questions, please contact us.
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